100 Club

The 100 Club

Your chance to win some cash and support WHC.

How does it work?

The '100 Club' runs all year round, with members paying a monthly standing order of £5 to the '100 Club'. Every month there is a prize draw. Currently 1st Prize £50, 2nd Prize £30, 3rd Prize £20. (50% of proceeds go to prizes, 50% to WHC fundraising - so as more members sign up the cash prizes will increase!)

The winners of each monthly draw will be notified by post with a cheque. A list of the winners will appear on the website.

To sign up simply complete the form and contact:

Pat Sharratt

1 Eastward Road, Malvern, WR14 1UA

Tel: 01684 575508

Please join in and encourage others! We'd love to be able to call it the '200 Club'.


2024 Hundred Club standing order mandate and application