100 Club

The 100 Club

Your chance to win some cash and support the Club.

The '100 Club' runs all year round with a monthly standing order of £5 paying into a '100 Club' bank account, followed by monthly draws of 50% of the total income.

The winners of each monthly draw will be notified by post with a cheque. A list of the winners will appear on the website.

To join contact:-

Pat Sharratt
1 Eastward Road
WR14 1UA

Tel: 01684 575508

Please join in and encourage as many others as you can

Past Winners

2018JulyJanet TaylorAlex KlodaMark Richardson
2018JunePaul CrumpRon LaneAndy Howie
2018MayPaul MerrellPaul SharrattGeorge Chakko George
2018AprilAnthony HampsonPat SharrattGuy Unwin
2018MarchRobin BrightonDean FerrierAndy Hares
2018FebruaryJohn SeniorReg SharrattJames Hurley
2018JanuaryVince SmithGeorge Chakko GeorgeMary & Jeff Ball
2017DecemberAndie HowieKeith MulcockAnthony Hampson
2017NovemberReg SharrattRon LaneMark Richardson
2017OctoberMary TraversAndie HowieAndy Hares
2017SeptemberPat SharrattElaine SheppardGareth Davis
2017AugustTerry DuffyPaul SimonPaul Merrell
2017JulyMary and Jeff BallAndie HowieReg Sharatt
2017JuneJohn SeniorEmma WrightVince Smith
2017MayJanet TaylorPaul CrumpRon Lane
2017AprilDean FerrierPaul SharrattAnthony Hampson
2017MarchAndy HowiePat SharrattJohn Senior
2017FebruaryAndy HadleyJames HurleyPete Pedrick
2017JanuaryAndy HaresKevin McGuireMark Richardson
2016DecemberGarth DavisAlex KlodaKate Howie
2016NovemberDean FerrierPaul CrumpElaine Sheppard
2016OctoberMr & Mrs LangstonEmma WrightTerry Duffy
2016SeptemberReg SharrattKeith MulcockMark Richardson
2016AugustPaul MerrellMia Gerrish Mr & Mrs Langston
2016JulyTerry DuffyJanet TaylorAndy Hadley
2016Junemark RichardsonLouise DaviesRon Lane
2016MayPat SharrattGarth DavisPaul Simons
2016AprilAndy WatersPaul CrumpKevin McGuire
2016MarchJohn SeniorTerry DuffyEmma Wright
2016FebruaryPaul SharrattMary & Tom TraversRon Lane
2016JanuaryPete PedrickLouise DaviesGuy Unwin
2015DecemberAndy HowieRobin BrightonJanet Taylor
2015NovemberReg SharrattPaul CrumpAnthony Hampson
2015OctoberJanet TaylorRon LaneAndy Waters
2015SeptemberRobin BrightonKevin McGuirePaul Simons
2015AugustMrs I MerrellPaul MerrellDean Ferrier
2015JulyPete PedrickLouise DaviesPaul Sharratt
2015JunePat SharrattJames HurleyAny Hadley
2015MayAndy HaresVince SmithDean Ferrier
2015AprilKeith MulcockReg SharrattMary & Geoff Ball
2015MarchTerry DuffyMary TraversPaul Crump
2015FebruaryJanet TaylorKevin MaguireGarth Davis
2015JanuaryJames HurleyMrs I MerrellKate Howie
2014DecemberEmma WrightRobin BrightonJanet Taylor
2014NovemberLouise DaviesStewart FlisherJohn Senior
2014OctoberPaul CrumpReg SharrattPaul Merrell
2014SeptemberAndy HowieAndy HaresPaul Simons
2014AugustEmma WrightRobin BrightonKeith Mulcock
2014JulyPaul MerrellPaul SharrattAndy Hares
2014JuneGeoff & Mary BallAndy HowieMrs I Merrell
2014MayAndy HadleyRone LaneGarth Davis
2014AprilJanet TaylorTerry DuffyPat Sharratt
2014MarchMark RichardsonReg SharrattMrs I Merrell
2014FebruaryTerry DuffyEmma WrightKate Howie
2014JanuaryRon LaneJanet TaylorAndy Hadley


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