How to buy club kit

We have a new kit supplier for 2023/4 season.

This is the link to the brand new hockey shop. Further details and answers to some questions are also on out private Facebook group.

When you click on the link some internet security providers will flag it up as not secure this is because it is an external website, however once the selections have been made you will be directed to PayPal which is a secure site so payments can be made securely,
However if people would like to order directly from the supplier, Simon, the owner's, email which is at the top of the page can be used and he is happy for people to contact him directly to place the orders they want and sort out payment directly to him.

It is a three week no minimum order turnaround, and there are several new items for everyone to look at and buy if they want and once again only a three week wait.

Any queries regarding the kit side, please contact Tom Waters by email, or Facebook Messenger.
Any queries regarding the site usage Simon is more than happy to answer your questions

If you have a club playing number for your shirt insert this when ordering, if you do not currently have a number, please first contact Tom Waters (email below) to obtain your unique number before ordering a shirt.

Worcester Hockey Club hopes that all players representing it wear full club kit in all matches if at all possible, though understands that this may sometimes prove challenging, especially for rapidly growing children.

The home strip for all teams consist of red and black shirt, black shorts or skort, red and black wide-hooped socks. Traditionally in the midlands away kit is worn for all away matches and this comprises black and white shirt, black shorts or skort, black and white wide-hooped socks.

All players should wear appropriate safety protection including shin and mouth guards, and if desired a protective glove or gloves. It is also strongly advised that any players involved in defending penalty corners should consider wearing their own face guard.

If you have any questions concerning kit, please email Tom at: